You may read a detailed selling rules on the confirmation page:

1. Seller is required to fulfill the delivery within the stipulated delivery time by using the delivery method selected by buyer. Sellers are advised to set a delivery time frame that they can commit and deliver, as advertised on their listing. Good practices and reliable sellers attracts the most customers. Sellers should log on to their accounts as often as possible as this would reflect their online/offline status on their sales listing. This increases the chance of a potential customer in placing an order from their list.

*If the seller does not process a new order for more than 24 hours, the WeveLabels system will automatically cancel the order and refund the buyer's credits balance. At the same time, the seller will be punished for overtime unprocessed orders, refer to the seller offence section below.

2. Seller is required to capture screenshots (printscreen before and after trade) or provide video evidence of the trade. For screenshots, seller is require to upload up to a maximum of 10 screenshots via the order page after delivery is completed. For video recordings, send it to us via email along with your order number. Please keep the videos with you for at least 6 months. Read more about proof of delivery under WeveLabels Protection.

3. When after-sales disputes occur, the seller should actively assist the buyer to solve the problem. If a consensus cannot be reached, the seller needs to provide proof so that WeveLabels can intervene and handle the dispute. If the seller fails to respond positively or fails to properly handle the follow-up problems caused by the dispute, WeveLabels has the right to impose penalties on the seller. (Including but not limited to fines and suspension of sales)

4. Seller is not allowed to request for an order cancellation with out a reason. Seller may be required to provide obligatory compensation to the buyer if an order is canceled or delayed due to seller's negligence. Stock level must be accurate at all times. For an example, if the stock level is set to 1000 gold, you are expected to deliver 1000 gold to the buyer. Make sure you have the item in possession before creating the listing.

5. All communication and correspondence between the seller and the buyer must be done through the WeveLabels Chat Application. Refrain from chatting in-game or Seller's personal chat accout (Such as whatsapp, facebook messenger and skype etc.). Private contact will equal to Offsite Trading, all the chat record out of WeveLabels will not be accepted as evidence for any of the dispute or claim.

6. Seller is not allowed to provide offsite trade or personal offers in any way (see Offsite Trading below). Any sellers found doing so will have their WeveLabels account permanently banned.

7. Communications with buyers must be courteous. We strictly prohibit the posting of harassing content, including but not limited to threats of violence. If you believe there has been a violation to any of our policies, please report it to us immediately.

8. Seller is not allowed to create more than one account and commit fraud by buying from their own sales listing, or use registered accounts to engage in unfair sales competition (including but not limited to giving false negative reviews to other sellers, malicious consumption of seller inventory, open multiple stores etc.) . Any seller found doing so is subject to penalties or even permanent ban of account.

9. The seller must list the products in the correct categories, and ensure that the delivery process of each order is true and the product completely matches its description (Otherwise it will be the same as false delivery). If confirmed the seller provides false delivery, the seller will be fined or even received a permanent suspension of the store.
10. The seller is not allowed to sell any products that contain hacking, fraud, illegal use, cracked or obtained by illegal methods, especially for account or membership products. The seller must clearly notify the account information( Including but not limited to login information, email access, and full information that may affect the account security) and must provide a full-time warranty for the membership (one-month membership must contain a one-month warranty, etc.).  Otherwise, WeveLabels held the rights to delete the related product, the seller's store and account will be fined, or permanently blocked on WeveLabels.

11. WeveLabels merchant service team will regularly review the seller's sales situation, dispute/negative review rate in the store, and warn sellers that lower than the standards.  If the store receives a large number of disputes/negative reviews, and are confirmed the problems to be caused by the seller's misbehavior, the seller will be punished following this regulation. (Misbehavior including but not limited to product quality problems; services not delivered as promised; false delivery; products that do not match the promise/description; the seller did not properly handle after-sales service and other factors.)
*Punishment includes adjusting the seller's fee rates, adjusting the seller's insurance, fines, sales limitation, and even a permanent ban.

Offsite Trading

WeveLabels takes very seriously on the trade practices conducted at our marketplace. While it is a rare occurrence, it has been reported on occasion where honest users are harmed by fraudulent actions/intentions of hoodwinkers. Trade conducted and completed within the WeveLabels platform ensures that the order has gone through WeveLabelsProtection's verification checks and cleared appropriate protocols. Offsite trade will not receive any assurance from WeveLabels either in mediation or indemnification as we are not liable for the actions of individuals taken outside of our trading platform.

We have enacted a policy for sellers currently to demonstrate a solid stance against soliciting offsite trade. Even if the intentions are pure, things can still go wrong, and therefore these proactive steps are being taken to ensure the safety of our honest users. If a seller is caught embezzling traffic from WeveLabels to complete trade offsite, their accounts will be suspended. If a buyer, or seller tries to lure you to engage in offsite trading activities, please report it to us immediately. You may after all, save yourself and others from being unnecessarily affected by fraudulent activity.

For more details of offsite trading limitation, please read on this page:

False Delivery

WeveLabels also attaches importance to the authenticity of transactions. While ensuring the safety of tradings between buyers and sellers, WeveLabels will strictly supervise the seller's delivery process to ensure that every delivery operation of the seller is true.

For false delivery, WeveLabels will impose a fine on the seller's account (depending on the severity of the situation). And the highest level of account banning rules are implemented:

- False delivery less than 2 orders, the account will be suspended for 1 month, and other punishment will be the same as "1st Offense" below.

- If you have over 2 orders or the total amount exceeds 50 USD been confirmed as false delivery, the store will be permanently suspended and all income and deposits of the store will be locked. And WeveLabels will impose a fine not less than 5-10 times of the related order income.

- If the amount of false delivery exceeds 200 USD, in addition to the above penalties, WeveLabels reserves the right to pursue legal liabilities against the seller in accordance with relevant laws or regulations.

Seller's Offense

1st Offense

- Your WeveLabels account will be suspended temporarily (remove listings, disable payment withdrawal and selling permission, cancel any pending payments) .

- You may contact WeveLabels via [email protected] and produce a formal written appeal for your case. Our respective management shall review the case before deciding on the outcome.

- A penalty of USD150* is to be paid directly to us via specific payment gateways or deducted directly from seller's available balance, prior to the release of the account.

- Any partial delivery made will be deducted and a full refund shall be issued to the buyer.

*subject to change

2nd Offense

- Your WeveLabels account will be suspended permanently.

- Your entire account and its contents will be revoked (including any available funds in the account).

Buyer's Protection

1. Buyer should not accept or agree to any offsite trade and personal offers provided by the sellers. Protect yourself from falling victim to scam.

2. Trade conducted offsite will not receive support from WeveLabels either in mediation or compensation, as we are not responsible for the actions of individuals taken outside of our trading platform.

3. Report to us immediately if you encounter any sellers break the rules. If the report comes with sufficient proof and the perpetrator is penalized, you will be rewarded for your efforts.